When I was young I used to believe in the man of my dreams. Someone I would gaze at and in his eyes find true love. I felt I didn’t need to care about who he was or what he stands for. I would just look at him and know this was my Romeo, the one. I believe the Love would sail on a lot of adventure, passion, excitement and hot kisses in the moon light and that we would live happily ever after.
As I grew up I realized this was all tales by moonlight. I realized Love should be a choice and not a feeling. Choosing somebody I would spend the rest of my life with was a big deal and should not just be measured by the breadth of his shoulders or the fire of passion in his eyes. I knew I had to be sensible enough to go for a REAL man. A man who is Responsible, of Equal Faith, vision and beliefs, a man who will be Available and a man who will be Loving. I knew it was beyond the feelings. I knew I needed someone who will be committed to me through thick and thin. Someone who does not just love me but is committed to loving me.
I grew further and realized the two was needed in any MARITAL Love story. You need a man/woman who is committed and responsible to you. Someone you can count on. Someone who sees home issue as priority. Someone who chooses paying school fees over partying or clubbing with friends. Someone who will always forgive you no matter how much you hurt them, but on the other hand you still need excitement in your marriage. You need someone who knows how to make you laugh through your tears. Someone who can look at you and know what you are thinking. Someone who can carry you and twirl you. Someone who can dance with you, fight with you and end it by making beautiful love to you when and even where you don’t expect it.  Someone who could pleasantly surprise you and take you to an Island blindfolding you all the way. Someone who can be romantic with and make you feel special and celebrated.
Choosing a spouse who is committed, sensible and responsible is the most important traits but Mrs Wife and Mr Husband, add romance to it. Surprise yourself again. Go out and have fun as a couple again. Leave the bills and the kids and go rejuvenate the dieing romance. Romance can die but u also can resurrect it. If you can give your time and energy to keeping your romance alive then you have it all.
If you are married to a man or woman who can give you this two sides then I can tell you of all men, you are most blessed.
Taiwo Aderonke


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