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I remember who I was before the world told me who I should be.

I remember that was joy when I was given birth too, even though I was not planned. I showed up after a couple who wanted four kids already had four, so I was number five and even then. I was an added blessing, I was totally loved and cared for. I remember, I was the baby of the house whom everyone wanted to carry. I remember I had sharp eyes and wide teeth and I would laugh out loud when tickled. I remember I knew how enjoy life and I was happy.

I remember I also went to school just like my elder ones. Infact I ended up going to a better school than they did. I remember I was never judged for being a girl and even if I was wronged in anyway, it was for being younger in age. I remember when we had to share anything, the eldest picked first and I had to wait my turn. To make things fair I was the one who shared it into five equal parts and you can trust me, I made sure it was so equal that even though I picked last, I picked something equal and never felt cheated.

I remember I was given all the opportunities that others had and even more. I remember and I smile. I had a great childhood with a lot of esteem dose administered to me by a great Mum and wonderful siblings and I wonder what I would have done if I didn’t have a great childhood, if I was not that lucky to have a wonderful family, who still now reiterates the importance of equality and self-love and I know what I would do.

Yes, I would do all I can to remember my dreams and my aspirations when I was young enough to believe everything was possible. I would remember the time I thought I could do everything I set my mind on. I would remember the dreams I had of me in a bulky wedding dress as my knight in shining armour approached me with a smile. I would remember when I dreamt I would be the President of the world, yes without any sex change. A woman president who was given a lot of respect by all folk, whether male or female.

And if I couldn’t remember dreams of the past, I would create dreams in the future. I would build myself a nation full of bright images which is my imagination. I would look into the future and see myself live the life I was created to live. I would see stars rise, destinies brightened and lives changed because of me. I would dare to dream forward.

I would not allow society, culture, foes and even friends tell me what I need to be. I would rise up and take responsibility for whatever I choose to become because I chose to remember who I was before the world told me who I should be.
——–Do you?

Aderonke Taiwo
NB; This picture was me as a one year old child. Ain’t I pretty.

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