Let not man………..

I was recently reading something about this scripture (Matt 19:6 Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.)and I agreed with the writer and I decided to share in that same line. The first point is that It is God that joined us together in marriage. It is not you or your husband that joined you together. If we see marriage as a divine act of God there will be no argument o whether the wedding should be white or red, large or small. The most important thing will be the fact that God is the originator ad his approval is the most important thing, and that the miracle took place the day you exchange vows with him/her, whether in a church hall, a courtroom, or in front of an ocean. So we should agree that God has joined us together and the Bible says they are no longer two but one flesh. Their lives are now intermingled and intertwined in such a way that whatever affects him affects her. His/her headache is your headaches and his/her fruitfulness is your fruitfulness. His/her achievements is your achievement (wished brothers who squash their wife’s gifting will understand this).

The second striking point is “Let not Man put assunder”. The first command is LET NOT……. We can see the responsibility lies with the Man and Woman not to allow. So they should do their utmost to keep it together. It was further noted here that it is not men (plural) but MAN. The Man in Man. The greatest enemy to marriage is not the outsider but the man in man, a.k.a Mr Flesh and Mrs. Self. Mr Flesh is very unbending and selfish and always wants to be right. He never says Sorry but will always have an excuse and explanation. He also knows how to put the blame on others, afterall he is the head…… Mrs Self, on the other hand, is so self defensive, and hot tempered. She cannot let go of a matter and keeps every record of wrong…in permanent marker. She is vengeful and will always wait for an opportune time to strike back. Do you recognize them. I could go on and on .

As a Man and woman we have to allow the ministry of the cross, The renewing of our mind and yieldedness to the Holy Spirit to deal with this man/woman in us. Cos whether we accept it or not, the flesh in us always seeks for expression and the more we give it room, the more the marriage, friendship or even fellowship will deteriorate. If we are truthful, we would admit, most of the wrong we ever did had a relation to what Mr Flesh wants. We are used to saying. It is The Devil, My mother, My Friend.. or in some cases my Pastor, but didn’t we do what Mr Flesh wanted…all we got was a little encouragement from somewhere else.

I am so tired of always wanting to put the blame on the ice cream when you actually wanted to take it(while loosing weight). The Mini skirt, when you have not curbed your passions, The careless Boss, when we really wanted to steal from him. The earlier we face that Man in us, the earlier we will get a solution. So when you want to do anything ask yourself, Is that Christ in me or Mr Self. So my brother and Sister What God has joined together. Let Not SELF put asunder. All other agents of separation only come on the heel of self. Cut off Mr self and they have no anchor.

Aderonke Taiwo.

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