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My Birth Experience

I want to thank God for the birth of my son through so many struggles. I didn’t deliver on or before my EDD (Expected day of delivery) and I was worried not knowing the reason why. I was scheduled to be induced on Wednesday, 27th of October 2010 but with prayers I fell into labour on Tuesday, Oct 26th  after which I hurriedly went to the hospital. My labour pains became strenuous and constant by 5pm on Tuesday and by 2am on Wednesday, I still haven’t delivered even though the pain was constant and rigorous.

My husband, the doctor, and I agreed together in prayers and by 3am on Wednesday, I delivered virginally a bouncing, big and handsome baby boy. His weight was 4.5kg (10 lbs). It was a miracle. God answered my prayers.
Lesson I Learnt From The Experience;
  1. The baby didn’t come early because he was a big baby. Most of us don’t get our miracles at the time we want it because it’s a big one. God always prepare us for a big miracle. Do you want a “big miracle”? Then you require a “big patience”
  2. I went through a lot of pain before I delivered. I believe the pain we go through in life can sometimes be our friend because it helps us PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens) out our miracle. When pain comes it is a pointer that Joy is on its way. Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.
  3. When I got to the stage when I had to push my baby out and after trying so hard and the baby refused to come out, I became tired and felt like giving up because I had gone through so much pain. I even asked the Doctor for Alternatives. I realize that at the point when your miracle is so close is the point where we get tired and we seek answers from elsewhere. If we get to the point when we feel it’s almost over, that’s when we have to push harder and our miracle will come.
  4. At the point when I Relaxed, my husband (who was with me through out), the doctor, and the nurses all started encouraging me because the baby had crowned. Their screams of encouragement brought the strength I thought I didn’t have and I finally pushed the baby out. We should always have encouragers around us. What kind of friends do you have? Are they pulling you down or encouraging you to go higher. Do they believe in what you believe? Are they born again? Your friends have a large role to play in you achieving your desires.


Written by Aderonke Taiwo ( Nov 2010)

That is his picture when he was 3 months.