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Finding Mr. Right is a down to earth, witty and helpful counsel to any young woman seeking a superb companion. Do not let the light tone of the Author fool you, this book is one of the most insightful and sensitive guides through the delicate and sometimes difficult and often confusing stage in a woman’s life.

The author not only focuses on what a woman should do to get a man but also to work on herself in order to make herself desirable to attract the right man.

To the end, if a woman takes the steps outlined, She herself will be worthy, highly esteemed and deserving of a superb companion who will realize he is so lucky to find a jewel of inestimable value

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My desire is to ensure singles don’t stay in the state of singleness without getting married on time. It consists of all the practical steps of getting the man of your dreams. The main reason I wrote this book is to position the single lady and make her stand in that position to attract the man of her dreams.

The book addresses:

1. How to improve your self and improve your marketability and attractibility (lol I made up the word)
2. How to get married quickly.
3. How to channel your prayers in the right direction.
4. How to be beautiful from the inside out.
5. How you can gain confidence that will make you attractive
1. How to make your intentions known without making your intentions known (confusing? Get the book and you will find out)

Who is the eBook for?

• Single ladies who are ready to get married
• Single ladies who are not ready to get married but want to be prepared for married life.
• Parents/guardians who are eager to help their wards find Mr right.
• Coaches and Pastors who want to understand singles can buy it and use it as a tool for teaching others (the book is a goldmine of information)
• Anyone who needs a gift to buy for valentines

You might want to ask

1. What makes this book special? I can assure you with 100% confidence that you have never read anything like it. It is a book in a class of its own. Buy it to prove me wrong.
2. Are you assuring me reading this book will make me married? I am not God and I can’t promise you when the marriage will come but I know of a surety if you don’t give up YOU WILL GET MARRIED.
In addition, it will put you in a position to be ready for marriage.
3. Can I afford it/, of course, you can it is exactly the same amount you will spend on dinner at an eatery for one meal. It is a great value for the price.


Aderonke Taiwo is a woman of unbridled passion for helping others be the best in their interpersonal relationships. She specializes in emotional intelligence therapy, mood disorders reprogramming, relationship counseling, stress management, and sexual therapy.

She works with companies and organizations to intrinsically motivate the staff in order to achieve better results individually and collectively. For private clients, she works as a pre-divorce conciliator and provides personalized counseling services especially in areas relating to relationship and marriage. She also hosts a program on YouTube (Love Talks with Ronke) that talks on bettering relationship belief systems for young people.

Ronke is an avid writer. She writes on her own blog ( and is a freelance writer for some magazines. In 2011, she wrote her first book, Help, I need a Man. She also organizes a sexual day out for couples tagged “Scintillating Sex in Marriage” biannually, where she works with couples to reignite the fire on their sexual beds.

She is a public speaker who has spoken at over 100 events (including churches), covering topics from relationship matters, to personality discovery and development, self-awareness and emotional intelligence and much more. She is also called of God into Ministry with focus on Single and Married folks. She is married to a pastor, coach and ICT consultant, Victor Taiwo and they are blessed with two children.

She has a degree in Accountancy and went on to study matters of the heart. She is currently a certified coach, a Results Consultant and a practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming.

I acknowledge that it’s through God’s help that;

• I have been helping singles find fulfilling relationships and the married get excitement in their marriages for the last 10 years.
• I am specifically called of God into this ministry and I have been faithful with it ever since.
• I am a certified Life Coach with a specialty in relationship and marriage. I am also a Results Consultant and a Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic programming.
• I am happily married to a good man and I have three children

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