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If you are hot, sexy and worldy wise in sexual matters, you might capture a man/womans’s body. If you are intellectually capable, reasonable and exciting you might capture a man/woman’s mind but who can capture a man/woman’s spirit. That question remains to be answered.

The spirit of a person is a very deep part of him that form a basis of all he/she his. What is ingrained into his spirit transmits through the mind and to his actions. Everybody has a spirit and the spirit responds to a who or what. Man was created with a deep yearning for a higher power. That is why everyone has a God or a god. There is something we reference as a higher power. Even confirmed atheists believe in Karma, Reincarnation and some weird stuff.

The Bible says in 1 Cor 2:11 “For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him? even so the things of God knoweth no man, but the Spirit of God.” This verse tells me the importance of the spirit of man. Nobody knows a man, not even his mind, or body, or wife, or mother more than his own spirit.
How does this relate to marriage you might ask. Marriage is a process of becoming one with another person, that is on the three basis of man. Spirit, Soul, and Body. I compare it with Bones, Flesh and Skin. In my comparison I see The Spirit as the Bones(Skeleton), the soul is the flesh and the Body is the skin. If the Bones are not available, even though we can’t see it, the human being can’t live, because the bone is like the frame that the flesh and skin sits on. So it is with people whose focus of making a marriage work is only from the mind angle (intellect) and the body angle (sex). It is just like putting a square peg in a roung hole and filling it with glue. The glue will keep coming off, because the frame is not fitting, But if it is a square peg in a square hole and I add glue it complements it because it is a fit.

In marriage, if we fail to get the merging and oneness of spirit we will most likely fail in the soul and body. What I am saying is that, the only way a man or woman’s spirit can be captured by another is if both your spirits responds to the same God/ god. i.e if one is a Sango worshipper and the other is worshiping ogun, there is a problem. If one spirit is serving God and the other mammon, they can never cleave. A note of warning and heartfelt admonition to the singles is DON’T EVER MARRY SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT SERVE YOUR GOD/god (especially if your God is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ). If you have this information now it is better for you.

I can’t imagine, if my desire is to serve God and the other person’s conscience is totally dead, how can that be fulfilling. I have had many people talk to me about either their husband or wife evil tendencies/attitude asking what they can do to change him/her. I tell them, get him born again first because a heart that does not serve God will naturally gravitate towards evil. This point is so important because even the Bible says in Mal2:20a “ Didn’t the LORD make you one with your wife? In body and spirit you are his. So guard your heart; remain loyal to the wife of your youth.” It shows even God wants to focus on the oneness of our body and even spirit

I understand some are already married and have found themselves in the dilemma of different spirits. I believe in the power of Prayer and I agree with you that every difficult situation will be solved but for those who are not married yet, look closely at this area. Ask each other questions that have to do with this. Oneness in spirit does not just mean both being Christians but what type of Christians are you. Are you both moving towards maturity or one of you have remained in pampers for 14 years. Do you believe in the same doctrines, do you listen to the same message. Do you find each other’s churches strange or similar. Do you despise or disrespect each other Pastors. Are you ready to work together, even if it is ministry or does one want to stay ministering in the village and the other in the city? All these must be checked before you run to say I do

For the married, cleaving spiritually, I believe does not come in a day but is a process. The more you both give yourself to things of the Spirit, the more your spirit becomes attuned to each other. It is advisable you listen to the same thing, attend the same church and have the same Spiritual Parent. Your own Spiritual father must not be a stranger to your wife or husband. Share revelations personally received from the word with each other, and most of all access the throne of Grace together. I believe the scripture about two or more agreeing together about anything in prayer fits a married couple perfectly. If a couple agree together in prayer it carries weight because they are supposed to be one, but if they are both praying for two different things, that’s disagreement. Imagine a man praying for transfer to Ibadan and the wife praying that they don’t leave Lagos, it is likely both of them would be transferred to Yobe, because they are accessing God’s throne with two voices. In fact divorces means two voices di=2 vorce=voices. No wonder the bible talks about the husband treating the wife right so that his prayers will not be hindered. I believe the same goes for the wife too.

I always admonish wives and husbands, allow your wife to get close to God “Note that I said God, not church/doctrine. Never contest the place of God with your spouse. A woman should not complain if her husband spends a lot of time on God’s presence during personal devotion and prayer and neither should a man complain too because the more a spirit of a man attunes to God, the more the capacity to love his/her spouse. The Holy Spirit is a Spirit of Love and the closer we are to him, the more he sheds his love in our heart and the more our love, discussions, and even romance with our spouses increase.
In summary, both couple should move towards spiritual alignment because it is the basis on which other levels of cleaving rely.

Aderonke (aya Taiwo)
If you are confused and don’t even know who or what your own spirit responds too why don’t I tell you about my own God. The father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Are you ready to give him a trial. If yes. Pray this prayer whole heartedly.
Lord Jesus, I receive you into my heart. I confess and repent of all my sins and pray you wash me clean and become the Lord over my life. I declare I am now born again. I declare my spirit is reborn and will always listen to you. Thank you Jesus. If you said this prayer, send me a message.

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