I have a friend whose name is Yemisi Oluromoke who lived in Ibadan. Yemisi has smooth, light, and glowing skill just like condensed milk. Her facial features would remain with you even when your eyes have left viewing her face. Her large frog-like eyes with grey eyeballs, with her slightly pointed nose that leads to her heart shaped pink lips and small ears, came together to form a beautiful face. She has small, perky breast and her waist too was slim, slim enough to show forth a rounded hips. Yemisi was too beautiful.

She has reached the flower of her age at 22 years and a lot of men were always coming to seek her hand in marriage. She never seemed to fancy any of them until she met Barrister Olumofin Denzel. Denzel too was easy on the eyes, was intelligent and very fluent. He was a lawyer who knew the law and was rich too. What else could Yemisi asked for? They started a sizzling relationship to the envy of other men who Yemisi refused and one year later, they got married. It was a large and beautiful wedding. Everyone gazed at them with envy. After the wedding Yemisi moved to Abuja with Olumofin. After their honeymoon they moved into their house in Maitama and that was when trouble seemed to start.

The first night they spent together, Yemisi woke up to a list of the things and chores she was expected to do written by her Lawyer Husband. This list had 36 items which included scrubbing the whole house every single day and cooking a fresh soup daily. She shook her head in disbelief as she kept checking the list. She was to greet her husband in the morning on her two kneels with so many other jobs she felt she couldn’t cope with. She loved her husband and decided to try to do everything on the list. On the first day she was able to do 34 things out of 36 and when her husband came back, she received a hot slap because of the two things she omitted. She decided to try harder the next day so she would fulfill the 36 requirements but the next day she could only do 27. This time around Olumofin gave her a blow in her jaw.

As days passed by it became harder and harder for her to fulfill the laws and she became a punching bag for Olumofin.
She started losing her beauty as the strain increased. The spring in her steps was lost and the fire in her eyes had dimmed to flickering embers. In addition to her inner self which had lost its lustre. Her face have been disfigured by the constant beatings of Olumofin. So many of her teeth have been lost and her lips were filled with blisters in the places where she bit herself to endure the pains of his blows.

Something in her snapped the day Olumofin beat her so much that she lost her pregnancy. Blood flowed out of her and she went mad. She started screaming until her voice became hoarse and she lost consciousness. She woke up in the hospital. While she was in the hospital, her neighbor, who was the one who came to tell her Olumofin had a new wife who was so beautiful. At this time she cried for joy because she seemed to have a cogent reason to divorce Olumofin and move to stay alone for the rest of her life.

In three months, her divorce was final. She moved back to her parents’ home in Ibadan and decided she would spend the rest of her life taking care of her aged Mother who was sick. She kept herself hidden because she was ashamed of her failed marriage and didn’t want her old friends who were at her large wedding to ask what happened. One night she was about to give her mother her drugs when she realized she has run out of drugs. So she quickly stepped out of her gate to buy drugs for her Mum when she saw her childhood friend, Oreofe Olusaanu. She screamed his name as they gave each other a hug.

“Yemisi baby, so you came to Ibadan and didn’t ask of me”

“Oriz bobo, I’m so sorry. Didn’t even know you are still in Ibadan. How are your wife and kids?”

“Wife and kids for where. Since you rejected me. I refused to marry oh. I am still single. I stay in my father’s house down the street. Remember how we used to climb trees in the compound as teenagers. Yemisi I have missed you. What about Barrister. How is he treating you? I guess you came to pay Your mummy a visit. Yemisi what’s wrong,” he exclaimed as he saw the tears run down her eyes.

He held her hand and took her back into the house so as to hear why she wascrying.

Five months passed by and their friendship deepened each day. It was a mature love that thrived from the fact that they had known each other since forever. Oreofe had proposed to her but she felt she was not good enough for him. She was Olumofin’s left over, yet Oreofe told her she was beautiful and that he would rather remain single if she refused to marry him.

Over time, her defenses crumbled and she decided to marry him. She did marry him and he treated her like an egg. He would open car doors for her and surprised her with roses and flowers everyday. He would buy her things and take her to dinner. He bought her her dream car for her birthday. He would intimately talk with her every evening and she couldn’t even wait for him to come back home in the evenings.

His love making was sacred and designed to give her joy. He was so concerned about her hitting orgasm and would do everything to make her scream for joy. She wondered why she was blind all along. Why did she ever go for Olumofin when Oreofe had been known all along? She always prayed for forever in his arms. He was always concerned about all her needs, and even her want. She realized that she found true love and Oreofe was just the definition of Love.

One day while she was cleaning her room she found a piece of paper stuck under the bed. She picked it up and venom rose within her as she recognized Olumofin’s handwriting. She saw it was the list of the 36 chores, he gave her to do daily while she was married to him. The list she never could fulfill with him, no matter how hard she tried. She decided to sit down and go through the list again. As she browsed through the list, she smiled and kept on smiling until she got to the end.

Surprisingly she realized she had been doing everything on the list effortlessly since she married Oreofe. Some of the chores that seemed so hard she and Oreofe will do together. Oreofe was always there to help her. At that point she realized that all she needed for grace to be at work in her life was true love and when she found true love it was a joy to fulfill the law. Infact she did it joyfully.


An existing storyline retold in my own words. Idea generated by a write up by Lawal Suleiman

Aderonke Taiwo.

So I want to know what insight you can bring out of the story. Mine is in the comment box.