It happened a long time ago but I never forgot that incidence. I was in secondary school when it happened. I schooled in a federal school located in Ikirun, Osun State but I lived in Lagos, along with about 30% of the schools population, because of this large number, Parents of students who resided in Lagos had a Local PTA meeting where they met in Lagos from time to time. In one of their various meetings they agreed to always send a luxurious bus to pick us at the school at vacation. The bus will drop us at a venue in Lagos where our parents will be waiting to pick us. The programme went on without a hitch until a particular episode when we arrived Lagos very late in the night. The parents in Lagos were worried wondering what befell us on the road.
This incident took them back to their drawing board and the cause of the problem was sought. On every vacation day, we had breakfast in the morning, afterwards, a long assembly and from there we proceed to our classes where we were given our reports cards. It was noticed that all these preliminaries delayed us and would make the bus leave Ikirun late and any other hitch on the road would make us arrive Lagos very late into the night. They made a decision which was horrific to us. They decided all Lagos bound students going with the bus will have to wait an extra day after vacation so that we could leave Ikirun very early the next day.

It was a hell’s table announcement to us. Vacation day was a day everyone (especially boarders) looked forward to with glee. It was nobody’s desire to stay an extra minute after receiving your report card, not to talk of an extra day. When the decision was related to us on vacation day during the assembly, many people screamed with horror. I remembered that I actually cried. Staying back in school for a whole day was horror. It was bad news, many of us didn’t even eat that night because we had believed we were having dinners in our various homes. We had to come together and sleep in a room in the hostels because a lot of people had gone home and everywhere looked deserted, with the advent of MIss quon quon, and bush baby (spiritual beings), we prayed hard before we slept.
We survived the night and very early the next morning we were enroute to Lagos. We got to Lagos quite early and we all went to our various homes. Getting home was a different story, everyone looked morose. My uncle had a big bump on his forehead, like someone who was in an accident. After I settled down I was told armed robbers were at our house the previous night. As I heard that I went into a shock. They went on to tell me of gory details of being beaten and robbed. We had heard of a family where some robbers went to rob and a young girl of 13 was raped at about that time. I was about that age and I shuddered at the thought of what could have happened to me if I was home that night. If our travelling plans had not been delayed by the PTA, I would have been home that night, so that situation saved me.
That was the first lesson I learnt actively about some disappointment being a blessing in disguise and I started apologizing to God and giving him praise at the same time. Luckily, no one was killed and in a short while it became a funny gist, with my uncle acting out all they did. Since that day I learnt that God could make you experience something unpalatable in order to deliver you from a greater evil. Since that occasion there have been many other situations that seemed unbearable but I either was delivered from a greater evil or was made to learn a great lesson from the situation.
I know some people are wondering if I know what they are going through at the moment, I DON’T but God does. I know at this time, the situation seems to be bigger that you but the news is that This too shall pass. It might not seen explainable to you but many times disappointments turn out to be great blessings. Think back on the courses you were refused studying in university, the guys or girls who turned you down when you were single, the job you lost, the baby you had less than a year after the previous sibling. Didn’t some, or most of them turn out to be a blessing. Yes they still do. No matter what you are going through, it will still turn to a blessing and you will actually look back some day and smile, thanking God It happened.
I am glad to be back and this is to say a big thank you to those who called, texted, and mailed to know why I have not been available. I missed you too, so can we share experiences on the disappointments that turned out to be a blessing in our lives.
Aderonke Taiwo
May 30, 2013.

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