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The Fire needs wood to keep glowing.

I used to know a woman who was considered healthy in her actions and even in her looks. She maintained a good weight but still takes a physical examination every year. On one of such physical, she was told she was at the risk of heart disease because she had too much cholesterol in her system. She had to start a new diet to beat it.

In my language there is an adage when loosely translated that says. A bad thing needs prayer and a good thing also needs prayer. In life for things to keep going uphill. It has to have continuous effort. Have you ever wondered why we keep taking our bath every day or why do we clean up our houses regularly? Why don’t we just clean it once in a year and see what happens after?😄😀😀😀

You see the fact that a thing is working well means we need to stoke the fire and keep working on it. Maintain the good things you have. Don’t take them for granted or think you have arrived at a place where you don’t need the effort to maintain.

In any endeavor, you can name, including spiritual growth, emotional stability building, relationship with others we have to build a maintenance culture. Don’t wait until it spoils before you seek to repair it. You need to keep working on it even when it is good.

You cannot correct your children on bad behavior once a year and stop doing, you have to keep doing it, keep teaching them and keep telling them the right thing. You see that good thing you are proud of needs more effort.

I have a great husband and I’m proud of him but I will never get to a place where I take him for granted. The more he is nice to me the more I celebrate him. On our recent past anniversary, I knelt on both knees to thank him for loving me and he jokingly said I am practicing Nollywood wife on him and tickled😄😄 me. One thing I understand is that something good needs maintenance.

So the fact that your wife is quiet does not mean you should boss her around, it means you should treat her like a queen more. So your husband meets all your needs and you made him Santa that has to give every member of your extended family gifts, how horrible is that. The employer has a loyal female staff, yet for every mistake she makes, you abuse and talk down to her. It will look like a film trick when a multinational that appreciates her get her from you.

When you have a bad thing, do all you can to make it good, but when you also have a good thing, do all you can to make it good. For those who want to build or even maintain the sexual fire in their homes. I will be kicking off a course on Scintillating Sex in Marriage shortly. If you are interested. You will have to sign up for the course on and for those who haven’t downloaded my free book on Sex in marriage, I will soon put a price on it so download it as soon as you can on . I love you all

Ronke Taiwo

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