Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Finally I get to talk about music. I used to love singing as a small girl (still do anyways). I loved it so much that I used to say I would be a singer, then later an actress, a Television Presenter, an anchor. Journalist….e.t.c. I had such wild dreams and it changed year in year out.
My son started singing as young as six months (without words lol) and he still loves singing. His ability to learn songs easily amazes me, he is just two and he knows so many songs, even though he still muddles the words an example is “Lord he bow and yorship you” and “abidiba eh”. I watch him closely and I noticed that he always smiles when he sings.

You might not know anything about keys and your pitch may not be on the keyboard, but please singing (uplifting Godly songs) will always make you feel better and it brings along a SMILE. Worship is so sweet just like…………. And you get to a climax and you just feel as if you are in Heaven. We were made to worship God and Praise is what we all have on our inside. It is your duty to search it out, even if the sound of your voice is like a bazooka. I am sure it is a sweet smelling savour to God.
As I look at my son I pray he would sing forever because I know some things, people, and issues will try to collect those songs from him. Life collects people’s song. Have you ever sang in your heart and you smile as you look at a computer screen and all of a sudden the phone rings and seeing the caller ID, the song dies on your lips? Getting an eviction notice from your house will want to take that song. Writing UME ten times without passing will want to snatch that song. Losing your mother to cancer will try to steal that song, but try(though it is really hard) to keep singing your song.
For me, the easiest way to connect with the Holy Spirit is worship,( and also speaking in tongues and studying the word). I try to achieve this every morning but I noticed as time went on it wasn’t enough. After being so charged and filled like a balloon in the presence of God. The first issue I face in the office puts a pinch to that balloon, the next bad news puts another pinch and keeps leaking out that presence…and joy I had in the morning. I noticed if I don’t make a conscious attempt to reignite, I feel so empty, strung up, tired at the end of the day. I reignite by always making melody In my heart to the lord and I try not to get sapped out from the flow.
We all have a song, sometimes we wake up with a song of praise, there is nothing wrong in singing it over and over, even in your heart. If you still find it hard, listen to uplifting Christian songs from others, it strengthens your spirit. Many people, things and issues are out to steal your song, but please protect it with all you’ve got. Its my prayer that my son will keep singing, when he is older and that you..and I will not lose our song.
I have to mention this, the same way a song can uplift is the same way a song can be depressive or wanton. Imagine listening to a song which says ‘im no good, I wanna die…..”(the next thing you want to do is get a rope, me I no dey oh). A song can also make you misbehave, imagine you and a brother are praying together in a room and the next song that comes on radio is “sex me tonight,” you had better run. My Pastor said most songs nowadays worship women and when I thought of it I noticed most songs, nowadays, is focused on a lady’s  cleavage, backview, nice shape e.t.c. Please you have to stop listening to those songs especially if your desire is to please God
That being said, Guard it jealously, hold it tight as you would anything dear to you. Please, my dear, no matter what life brings your way, KEEP SINGING YOUR SONG.
Eph 5:18-19 And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit; Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord KJV

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