About Love 2

The second step is to Love yourself. I know you want to take a pass and believe its a given, but I beg to differ. There are a lot of people who don’t love themself.

1. Do you have a low self esteem
2. Do you believe you are not special.
3. Do you wish you were someone else (that fine gal or rich dude)
4. Do you never take your words serious.
5. Are you patient with yourself or too harsh (Do you allow yourself to make mistakes)
6. Do you dress unimportantly or half naked (Do you cherish your image)

…… There are so many questions to ask our self. You have to love yourself before you can love your neighbor (remember the golden  rule LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF) so it implies if you don’t love yourself  then you can’t love your neighbour.

I have good news for you, God created you specially and its okay to be different. I have always been different growing up. I believed and fought for what others find strange and I love it(since it made them angry). What makes a clothe, shoe, bag or …even a babe special is the fact that you are different from all others and that’s why God created us differently.

There is a uniqueness in you that he put there that no other person can copy. Check out all those who have made impact in History, they have always been different. I feel I am talking to someone who always wondered why he or she is odd (…thats what make’s you special). My dear give yourself a break cos if you strive to be someone else you will be a poor copy.

Yes You, Im talking to you.

– The teenager who feels bad because she/he does not have a boyfriend/girlfriend (my dear… you rock,you don’t need that now)
– The lady who is bigger than all the petite girls out there (celebrate you… You are special… but dont be obese by eating more oh)
-The person who is being compared with the younger sibling who is more brilliant than you( there is something you can do that he/she cant, dwell on those things.)
-You love singing but dont have a good voice ( talk with Kirk Franklin jare(don’t tell him i said so)
-Your friends are getting married and it seems you have a delay (the best is yet to come)
-You feel you give so much and never get much in return( the giver is greater than the receiver “lojokojo”)
-You are dark… (ebony lomo)
-You are short…. (look good, if you can, wear high heels, if not fashy)
-You are too tall… (go for modelling)
-You feel you are not as spritual as somebody else …(just make sure your heart is pure and be committed to God)

I can go on and on but the  basis of my talk today is that, its good to be you. Celebrate Yourself. Take yourself out (within the confines of your pocket), Blow yourself a kiss. I always wanted to look better, slimmer, and be more popular. I always wanted to be, walk, or look like the other person, but until i started appreciating what I had, people didnt appreciate me. I might be plain looking, plumpy, and with a lot of pimples, I realize that God filled me with gifts like singing, dancing(though getting rusty), writing(that’s what i’m doing now) reading (3-4 words per second) and speaking……..with others too numerous to mention (make your own list). I will continue next time (Dont forget to read about the first step… About love @ http://lovingtalkz.blogspot.com/2012/08/about-love.html)

This is the conclusion of the whole matter


Till I come your way again. Keep Tripping for you (you deserve it jare).

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  1. Anonymous

    good good good. God will motivate your life

  2. Lovely tips you gave there. It's the best. Keep it up and dont let it come down!

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