About Love

Love to me seems to be the most interesting, confusing, and misunderstood topic in the world . What is love? Or what does it really look like. Is it the beating of the heart, or the kissing of the lips. Is it the moans of pleasure or the hug of a mother. Is it the commitment of a friend or the ring on a finger..

I really wanted to understand what love is then I went to search the scriptures (The writings of the originator of love) and I found some interesting characteristics of it. Oh we all know it but I will still write it for the sake of those who don’t.

Love is PATIENT, KIND, DOES NOT ENVY (kinda hard especially when another is favoured above you), IS NOT PROUD, IS COURTEOUS, NOT ANGERED EASILY, THINKS NO EVIL, DOES NOT REJOICE IN SIN.(e.t.c paraphrased from 1 Cor. 13, Read the whole chapter jare)

I can go on and on but if you really want to experience and exhibit true love, all of these traits should be seen in you …………yeah yeah, I can read your mind. How possible can that be, It seems like a high record. I will be posting from time to time how each trait can be related to your love life, but, how can I possess all these traits? Is it possible? I know those questions are on your mind. I believe it is possible but there are three steps to achieve  it.

1.    You need Love in your life:
 God is Love and if we have him in or life, we can now be on our journey of not only experiencing but exhibiting true love. Are you wondering why your life seems to be so full of hatred? Do you really yearn for someone who can love you despite your inadequacies? Then I have got good news for you. Jesus is that person. He took me from the dunghill of sin, inadequacies and uglyness. I felt so dirty, Yet he picked me up and cleaned me up(for real)

After he cleaned me and set my feet on Solid Rock. Something kept luring me back to my past and like Hosea’s wife(Look for Hosea in the bible. Read the whole Book), I went back, but even in my dirt, I kept hearing him calling my name. Oh how I was filled with so much guilt but he kept calling me back home. He kept believing in me, and filling me with such good treasures

It has been an up and down journey (permit my grammar) but he remained faithful to our relationship. When I was weak he was always strong. I gave nothing and yet I get everything in return. My love relationship with Him keeps getting better and better and I am enjoying his love without guilt and shame .

Permit me to welcome you into that same life I’m enjoying (remember Love does not envy). He is calling unto you as he called unto me. He is whispering sweet words of hope into your ears. I never regretted accepting his love and I hope you are ready. If you are then say this words(from your heart)

Lord Jesus, I believe I am A Sinner and I believe you died for my sin. I believe in the love you are offering and I accept your love. Forgive me my sins and make me a new person in you. Thank you for accepting me. I love you too. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

(For counselling contact me on ronkesblog@yahoo.com, and ronke.adeyemo@yahoo.com)

Yep for the other two steps. I promise to continue in my next post…… Stay Tuned

I love you.

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