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I always loved to rejoice with those that rejoice and that was my motive as i joined the whole church in celebration of the arrival of a new baby. As we got to the front, the Pastor-in-charge prayed for the baby and stretched the microphone to the father of the baby for his testimony

“Praise the Lord,” he boomed.
I jerked at the voice. The voice was so familiar as i stretched my neck to look at the father, I opened my mouth wide enough to allow a ball  of eba. Its not true, i kept repeating. This was the same guy who had dropped a Card and a bottle of wine for me at my office the previous week. He couldn’t be married, I reasoned. This is Austin, my Austin.

Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Rosemary and I clocked 29 two months ago.I work as a PA to a Mannaging Director of an Advertising firm in Lagos. My Mum have been very worried about me because i was still single and i must confess I was getting worried too even though i had a word from God promising me that I will get married.
It was not long after I received that word that i met Austin and i felt he could be the mystery man God wanted to give. Austin was very softspoken and lovable. We met at a friends wedding and we exchanged numbers. Since then he had kept calling not minding how much he was spending on credit. He had come to my house and met my parents and everyone seemed to love him. I had to pray about it though i felt sure about saying yes.
I went on a three day fast and prayed specifically about him. My prayer was,God, Is he the one for me and if he is the one, how soon should get married. I was surprised when I had a dream with someone telling me
he was not right for me. After i woke up, I felt it was the devil who inspired the dream. I kept praying, and the longer i prayed, the more i heard the nudging NO.
 I had spent the weekend in my cousin’s place at Festac and had to follow them to their church on Sunday Morning. The Pastor announced a Child Dedication and I decided to rejoice with the unknown couple when i saw Austin shouting Halleluyah and blessing God for his second born son. I didn’t know what to do, all i could do was to walk gently out of the church in self denial. I am at home crying, because i was on the verge of saying yes, if not for the check in my spirit.
The next Tuesday he was at my office. Guess what I did,…. watch out for part 2.
Golden Nuggets;
1. All that glitters is no gold
2. Always consult God before making life cahnging decisions like who to marry.
Though , names, situations, and locations, have been changed. This is a story that happened to someone. Have a story to share on My Blog send a mail to (Note that we will modify the story and ensure you are not exposed)

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  2. AblissaReush

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