There is a part of man that doesn’t have to do with the human body or even its thinking mind. A part of man ingrained deep within him. Some Christians call it the human spirit, Other Christians call it the conscience, Psychologist the subconscious mind, or unconscious mind depending on the branch of psychology. Whites call it the sixth sense, or a gut feeling. Chinese people call it ‘chi’ while Yoruba’s call it “eleda” or “Okan mi”. The main gist is that that part of us has to do with awareness of a thing not explicable in terms of normal perception.

Whatever we do in life, that part of us should not be neglected because its awareness transcends the normal so it can help us in making decisions and alert us to danger even when our normal senses cannot see it. I have tons of examples of how that part of me have both helped and saved me, including the time it saved me from death but that story is for another day. Let me relate it to relationships.

At a time in my life, when I got ready for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage, I met a guy, Let us call him Theophilus. He had everything my mind saw as ‘set’ to start a relationship with. He was tall, dark, handsome, comfortable, spiritual, young, friendly, and loving and was Yoruba. I was also attracted to him, there was chemistry. In my list, almost everything was ticked about him but something scratched within me whenever I tried to think of us together. I was young then so that feeling confused me. Why wasn’t my mind at peace with him? It was so bad that whenever I thought of him before sleeping. I would have a fitful sleep with nightmares.

Everyone around me loved him and saw us as fit for each other. I didn’t push him away and imagined that that feeling will fly away if I maintained and improved our friendship. The more I got close to him, the more my insides recoiled at the thought of us getting married. We went on as friends with a lot of pressure coming from his dad and him for me to marry him. Luckily I met a friend who I haven’t seen in a while and she shows me some text messages from the guy who was still disturbing her and telling her I love you. The more I gazed at the screen the more I was at peace. I went to his house to confront him and told him that was the end of us or our friendship. As I stepped out of his house and banged the gate. I felt a heavy weight drop from my heart and I started laughing. I was free at last. Then I didn’t know it was my spirit that was not at peace with the idea of marrying him.

Shortly after I met my present hubby, it was the other way round. Though my hubby was very handsome, he didn’t quite fit what my senses wanted but anytime I want to think of us together I end up smiling like a goose. The idea just jelled. It was so bad that the day I said Yes, I didn’t plan it. It just seemed as if the yes swelled up from within me. I got home, gave him a call and said I made a mistake. Then he started begging me to stay with my Yes, lol. The rest is now history.

It might be hard for anyone to teach you how you sharpen this sixth sense or your spirit, but it must start with the acknowledgement that it is true. Sometimes the inner you want to save you from harm or help you make better decisions. There are various ways to connect to the inner you and it differs for each individual It could be intense worship, quietness, meditation, prayers, listening to calming music, sleeping (through dreaming), speaking in tongues. Whatever your own way is, sharpen it. Don’t drown that voice with activity. The divine wants to relate with humanity and it is true that channel.

Another way, this part of you shows up is through inspiration, especially when it has to do with your gift. Have you ever seen a singer who starts singing and gets to a point where the divine takes over? The voice rises, the face shines and everyone at that moment views something awesome, a glimpse of Glory. Same thing could happen to a dancer, actor, preacher, speaker accountant, surgeon and a tailor, whatever your gift is. I am a public speaker, I sometimes I get to a stage and while speaking there is a switch and I know it’s not me again. Insights appear unplanned for when I speak and I don’t try to stop I just move with the flow. I write too and believe me, I know the difference between an inspired writing and the one I just write when I am uninspired. That is why i dont post on my blog regularly. I post when i am inspired to post. I have written three inspired books for singles and you can purchase the pdf copies here.

So my point is the spiritual is very real. Have you ever wondered on the possibilities we get to discover through technology. It keeps getting amazing as days go by. Have you ever wondered where those inspired originators gets all these ideas from? How can i post this story and everyone in the world can get to view it.I believe it is from the divinity within them.  Don’t look down on the spiritual. It is very real.

My prayer for you is that at the time of your showing forth. May divinity show forth through you in Jesus name, Amen.


Aderonke Taiwo


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  1. Audrey

    Excellent summing up. God gave us higher intelligence for a reason. We miss out on so much when we fail to develop it.

  2. Elizabeth Mensah

    Have really been blessed by this.. Keep up the good work. God bless u

  3. Ojo Fikayo

    This is indeed inspiring. I have picked a couple of points to further help in life. Thanks a million for the good job!

  4. Josue Fingal

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