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I want to share two personal stories with you as I’m led to. After I finished my service year, I was still searching for a job when I got a call from a friend of a friend who had a one month job to offer at a good pay. I shrugged and went for the interview. As soon as I got to the interview, which was quite informal, the guy said I was good for the job. I would be acting as a sort of errand person for a good cause. It was a Christian programme stated for a month’s time and I was supposed to deliver letters and get into executing some of the laid down plans.
It was just for a month, the job would expire as soon as the programme holds. It was a great idea, because it was even a Christian awards programme and it afforded me the opportunity of knowing so many churches and ministry’s. I started the job that same day I went for the interview but as I was going from one church to another I felt as if a load was on my heart. My stomach turned with guilt as if I stole something. I managed to finish the day’s job and headed home. All through that night I couldn’t sleep. I kept turning on the bed. As soon as it was dawn I knew I couldn’t continue that way. I had to send a text message to the guy concerned that I couldn’t continue the job. He tried to persuade me with calls but to keep him off my case I told him I got another job and I had to resume in earnest (lol). As I dropped the call it was as if the load was taken off me and I could breathe again.
My second story happened during that season too. I met a guy who fit the bill of all I wanted in a husband and he was a Christian too. He was set all round, but anytime I imagine us together, there is a blur. I can’t seem to see us together. I spoke myself into accepting that he is the “one” but something held up my peace. Because, I was at that time ready to start a relationship I forced myself to become close, so that I could change how I felt but as we got closer, the higher the sense of fear and trepidation. When I couldn’t bear it anymore, I prayed. My prayer went like this “Lord, Mr Z Is a very nice guy, he loves and serve you, He has a good job and is very caring. He is not bad to look at but I don’t know why I feel as if he is not the one. Lord if he is the one, baptize me with love for him and if he is not the one scatter us apart, though I know he is likely the one.”
A week later he did something that really hurt me. I went to his place in anger and spoke very rudely. Those that know me or have lived with me know I avoid quarrels and fights like a plague but that day I over acted and screamed at him and I warned him not to even call me again. As I left his house another load came down from my head and I felt free, so free that I laughed.
With both stories, If I had calculated just with my mind and how good, and acceptable the proposition looked I would have gone the wrong path. At this time I was a Christian and I wanted to hear God’s voice by all means. In fact I felt God had not spoken to me because I was not good enough. I never knew that he has put my spirit in place to keep me from going the wrong way. There were some things I later discovered that made me thankful that I was warned by my spirit, even though i didnt understand it then. The human spirit, if regenerated is powerful and sees what the mind and the eyes cannot comprehend.
Our spirits keeps talking to us but we always ignore him/her and listen to what common sense and intellect has to say. There are a lot of times that my spirit and my mind agrees because over time I have worked on my mind and fed it with the word of God, but there are also sometimes when they are not in agreement. My mind says the situation is perfect but my spirit screams “,No, it just looks perfect it wont fall through”
Many of us, if we think deeply have fallen into troubles we should have avoided. There was a check but you refused to listen. Increase your level of sensitivity to that inner voice. Yes I know that job pays a lot and not accepting it seems crazy, why don’t you listen to that check. Yes she is beautiful and even reminds you of your dead mum, she just seems like your dream come true, Listen to that voice. If we can just learn to listen, we would make better decisions in life.
Less I forget, that spirit needs to be regenerated by accepting Jesus as your Lord and savior. Without it, your spirit will remain dull and lifeless and will only lead to what will cause you harm. Say this prayer with me if your spirit is lifeless.
Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Lord of all.  I repent of all my sins. Accept me as your child. I choose to be yours. Give me the Holy Spirit and quicken my spirit to hear from you. In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen
Aderonke Taiwo
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Best Regards.

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