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My Austin (2)

I am sure you have all been looking forward to the concluding part of the story. As I said he still had the effrontery to come to my office on Tuesday. I was at a loss or what to do. I left him in the lobby for about an hour. Dayo, who was a coworker, offered to help me handle him after I told her the story. I said Okay. She went for a while and after talking to him came back to call me ( she literarily dragged me). As i looked at him. A very hateful and vengeful feeling rose up in me ( In fact, If  I  had a gun I would have shot him, but thank God I didnt). He looked at me with a piteous eye and proceeded to tell me he was sorry. Sorry, my foot, my  head screamed.

“How could you do that to a woman who has two children for you,No wonder you insisted on a quiet Registry wedding. You are a crazy fool. ” I screamed

“I’m Sorry. I don’t know what came over me. Please don’t inform my wife,” he kept repeating
“Why do you think you deserve such mercy. She has to know about this,cos you are not worth her.”
“Please, don’t tell her, she will send me out of the house. I can’t do that to her after all she has sacrificed for me, he screamed and decided to embarrass me by prostrating on the floor. I was so embarrased that i called the Security to walk him out.

 I later got the information that he had lost his job in a bank for a year and his wife had been the sole provider in their house because she still had a good job. The person went on to say how nice, amiable and friendly his wife was. So it was joblessness that pushed him to me. No wonder he was always in my Office at odd times. (He told me he was a Marketer in the bank, and that was how he had the free time to see me.). It proved to me how devilish guys can be. I imagined if I had married me. I would have been totally ruined.

At that point I felt pity for his wife and kids and started giving God praise that i didn’t fall into his trap because my life would have been tattered. I remember many people who had rushed into marriage without taking their time, and without good counsel. I realize mistakes like this could be avoided if ladies can really investigate deeply before following a man to the altar (Don’t be blinded by your emotions oh. True love is a love with reasoning.)

That evening, I went to see my Pastor and explained all to him. he was able to console me and he insisted I should give up on any revenge plan (cos Ihad one). Vengeance is the Lord’s, he said. He also told me I had to forgive him so that I would not be bitter and full of hatred, but how can I?  How can I forgive someone who almost ruined my life. Since then I had been very bitter and wary of guys. Please advise me, what should I do to be free from this burden. It has been two years, yet whenever I think of it, I still feel hatred for him. Help me, what should I do.

Golden Nuggets.
1. Marital decision is not a decision you take without proper counsel. Others see what you don’t see(cos of the love that blinded you)

2. Try to know about your intended (His plans, goals, genotype, family, his friends e.t.c). The more you know the better for you.
2. No matter how bad someone hurt you. You need to forgive. (Someone said bitterness is like taking poison and hoping another person dies.)
3. A rotten egg should not make you throw out the whole crate. There are still good people, not everybody is bad
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